Introducing Zoey

Well I wanted my first post in my first blog to tell you a little bit about Zoey and me. Zoey is a Siberian Husky we got from the Anderson Jockey Lot in South Carolina at 4 months old. Even though Zoey is special to us and we'd never give her away I would never get another animal from the Anderson Jockey Lot. At our first puppy check up after getting Zoey, our vet told us Zoey was born with a birth defect. Her eyes move from side to side really fast sometimes, for now its been starting to calm down a lot. Our vet says she might grow out of it and she might not. (hoping she will) Thank goodness it doesn't cause her any problems with her seeing as of now. She also has a hernia. She also is very shy and timid. Which is ok but not a temperament you would breed into puppies.

With this being said I do not condone with irresponsible breeding. Lots of puppies are born every day and have numerous health problems because of irresponsible breeding. Or either people get dogs and breed them to make quick, easy money. I do support responsible breeding and adopting dogs too! We cannot and will not breed Zoey because of her "problems". But she will be a happy, well taken care of family pet!! 

We also have two other dogs, a Pompeekapoo (Pekignese, Pomeranian, poodle mix), Princess, and a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix, Odin. My fiance, son, our 3 dogs and I live in South Carolina! Its a great  place to live especially in the Upstate where were at. We can see the mountains from our house, which I love. 

I'm hoping this blog can be informative as well as entertaining. I will do reviews on dog related items, tips for training your dog, and other dog related posts. Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do writing it.


Below is a picture of our dogs.


Above is Zoey

Above is Odin

Above is Princess

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